Strategic Planning

This page will keep you up to date on all the latest news and information having to do with our Strategic Planning project. If you have questions, please contact the Church office (402) 371-1210 or email our staff.
We are looking for Strategic Plan volunteers! We need leaders for each Plan (Adapting, Fellowshiping, and Communication) as well as volunteers for the Year 2 Teams. Please contact the Church office (402) 371-1210 or email our staff if you are interested in serving. This is not a long-term commitment. We are taking all volunteers, even if you can only participate in one activity, event, or meeting.
To be a redeemed family of believers growing in faith and receiving God's grace, discovering unity and belonging, rooted in Jesus Christ.
Through worship, fellowship, teaching, and unconditional love, we will offer a Christ-centered home and a sense of belonging to our congregation and community. We will grow our relationship with God and examine our faith on a deeper level. We will be a place where unity and hope come alive, walking together and receiving God’s gifts as spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ.
July 14 2021
The Church Council has approved our new Vision and Mission Statements!
July 13 2021
Strategic Plan Launch Meetings: August 27-30, 2021
This event is for leaders, boards, and staff. Scott Volk or the Chuch Office will contact you if you are to attend.
  • Friday evening – Big picture, vision/mission/objective connections the whole group (Council, Elders, and any other identified leaders)
  • Saturday – Action Planning meetings for Fellowship Objectives (elders subcommittee) and Adapting Objectives (council sub-committee)
    • One group meets in the morning 8:30-12:00, the other group afternoon 1:00-4:30)
  • Sunday afternoon – Simplification/Integration Jumpstart for existing boards and committees
    • Gather lots of existing committees (leaders & members) to give them the big picture and ask them to identify top 2-3 priorities AND which objective they can impact and how (specifically) they will do that
  • Monday Morning– Staff Time
    • Work with staff to train them on integration piece with their various boards (as appropriate)
    • Each member identifies their top 2-3 priorities and which objective they can impact and how specifically they will seek to do that in 2021-22
June 28 2021
Strategic Plan Structure documents from June 27th 2021 Voters Meeting:
February 27 2021
Strategic Planning Results can be seen here.