Do you believe in Jesus?  If you do, then you need to ask yourself another question, “Why?”  It doesn’t carry much weight to say, “That is the way I was brought up.”  Believing in Jesus is personal, and it is something that no one else can do for you. 


        If I had to answer this question, I would say that I believe in Jesus because I believe in a God who loves me and died for me on the cross and gives me eternal life.  There are many other reasons that we could point to why we do believe in Jesus.  Maybe someone else told us about him, like our parents, a friend, or a random stranger who handed us a Bible. 


        There are all kinds of great stories behind how someone came to understand who Jesus was and what he did for them.  Some stories are dramatic, while others are a little more unexciting like “Well I grew up hearing about it in Church and I don’t remember one event in particular.”  There is nothing wrong with that.


        We come to believe in Jesus through his spirit and that can happen without us really seeing it in front of our eyes.  Some people pray to God out of desperation and he helps them in their time of need.  Some people witness what they believe is a miracle and they know God is working in their life.  Some people are just plain convinced by an eloquent speaker or a story. 


All the 12 disciples believed in Jesus when he taught and lived a miraculous life right in front of their eyes.  The same happens today, because someone must have gotten the message from the Bible and relayed it to us who believe.


The Word and the Spirit of God are the consistent pieces to every story of faith.  But the testimonies of faith are almost endless in how people heard the Word of God in the Bible and how the Spirit worked in their lives. 


It is fun to find a verse in the Bible that really reflects our story the best.  We try to have those going through confirmation pick the verse that is most special to them.  Maybe if you’re reading this and you don’t believe in Jesus, you would like to hear a few stories to see why people believe.  Share your story with others, even if you don’t believe, and you might be surprised how fast Jesus will be a part of your life.  I could tell you more about my story, but I think we would need to have coffee so I can tell you more!  May Jesus continue to come into your life to make you a part of the greatest story ever told, that is, His story of His death and resurrection and the life that it brings!


Pastor David Paul Goehmann