Who do you want to become in your life?  What kind of person do you want to be?  Jesus says to some fisherman that he would like them to become something.  “I will make you become fishers of men”  These fishers of men were the 12 disciples.  But we also want to be molded and shaped into who God wants us to be.  So how do we become who Jesus would like us to be?


               The beginning of our journey as Jesus disciples is in our baptism.  Jesus welcomes little children to learn from him or maybe just have him touch their lives as he holds them in his hands.  Our baptism is something we return to every day knowing that Jesus gives us forgiveness, faith, and makes us a member of his family.


               At Christ Lutheran we are all Becoming disciples of Jesus.  We have worship where we have biblically based sermons with solid doctrine that proclaims salvation as a free gift from God, not by our own works.  (Ephesians 2:10)  We have Bible Study and Sunday School every week that remind us of these same truths.  We have in home Bible studies to help us in our walk of faith.  We have a men’s group, two women’s groups, and Senior high and Junior high groups. 


               Becoming his disciples is so important for the next generation and giving our children a firm foundation.  That’s the goal of our Childcare and School.  The children are exposed to prayer and Jesus every single day learning Bible Stories and learning how to apply it to their lives.


               The heart of being a disciple is loving others just as God has loved us.  That’s why at Christ Lutheran we do so much more.  We reach out through the Good Neighbors here in Norfolk.  We work through Orphan Grain Train.  We also work with Mission Central to support Missionaries around the world.  Why reinvent the wheel when you can volunteer at places that already exist? 


We don’t like to create oodles of programs when we can just work in our community and share Jesus with others.  As you can imagine there are so many ways to Become Jesus disciples.  At Christ Lutheran we want  to Become the best we can be and live life to it’s fullest.  That’s what Jesus wants for us, and that is why he died and rose for us to start us on the journey of Becoming his disciples.


               Who do you want to Become?